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Alton Athletics

Alton High School


Alton Athletics

Alton High School

Alton Athletics

Alton High School

Alton Athletics

Alton High School


ACUSD # 11 Parent-Fan Expectations.pdf

Alton Fr Survival Guide 2023-2024.pdf

Welcome to Alton High School and we are very excited to have you become a part of our athletic programs. The Alton Freshmen Survival Guide has tons of information to help answer your questions as well as provide information concerning the athletic programs we offer.

Medical Consent form.pdf

This form needs to be filled out and on file in the Athletic Department each year to participate in athletics at Alton High School

Student Waiver form.docx.pdf

IHSA PES Form.pdf

IHSA Pre-participation Examination & Physical form.pdf

This is the physical form that the Alton High School Athletic Department requires all student-athletes to have on file before participating in any activity at AHS.

Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination Form.pdf

This form must be used for ALL FRESHMEN. ACUSD # 11 will only accept this physical form for all incoming freshmen. This will also be acceptable by the AHS Athletic Dept.

Punishable Offenses and Penalty Guidelines.pdf

Alton Athletic Handbook 23-24.pdf

7.20 ACUSD # 11 Policy on Hazing.pdf

ACUSD # 11 strictly forbids any type of activity that harass, intimidate, or bully an individual in any fashion or format. Strict punishment will be the result if found true after an investigation by the ACUSD # 11 administration.

AHS Concussion Managemnt Plan.pdf

Alton RTL.pdf

Concussion Consent Form1.pdf

Heads Up Concussion Handout.pdf

IHSA Concussion Info.pdf

Dual Activity Policy Form.pdf

This must be filled out and signed by both coaches involved and placed on file in the AHS Athletic Director's office. A primary sport must be identified. This should be filled out each year by the student-athlete.

IHSA Wet Buld Heat Policy.pdf

This is the severe weather policy that AHS will follow and the AT will monitor at all times and make recommendations for an action plan.

Bus Permission Slip1.pdf

Please print and fill out and have AHS Athletic Director sign form to approve request. A copy than will need to be given to coach.

Alton High School Athletes NCAA Handout.docx

Athletic Hall of Fame.pdf


Alton Athletics Flyer 23.pdf

Coaching contact information and sports offered at AHS.